Educational Programs

Beatin Path’ Educational Programs

Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events school assembly programs are professionally designed for maximum impact!

Our team develops each Beatin’ Path assembly programs to be both educational and engaging.    Each program uses a variety of drums and percussion instruments to rhythmically connect students to the curriculum. Our programs include a percussion-fueled storytelling show, a science & sound assembly, as well as a character-education based assembly jam that can incorporate your school’s motto or slogan.

We craft our Beatin’ Path assemblies to inspire students and encourage them to think more creatively in all they do.  With this in mind, our facilitators present an curriculum-connected interactive school assembly to your students.  In order that we engage every student in our assembly programs, our Beatin’ Path team will work with your school to create the most impactful experience for your students.

Learn more about the educational school assembly programs from Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events:

Hey! What’s that Sound?
Drumming Up the Stories
Boom Boom Better Up!