About Us

Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events is a team of professional performers, facilitators and teaching artists who believe in the power of rhythm to create high impact experiences and long-lasting connections!

Leading this team is Dave Holland, one of Atlanta’s most regarded figures in rhythm-based facilitation, world percussion and teaching artistry. Dave’s dedication to world culture and music has taken him around the world to study from master performers and bring those experiences back to the U.S. to create memorable assembly programs, workshops, and residencies.

Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events programs are endorsed and promoted by many leading arts organizations, including Young Audiences, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Arts Now, the Fulton County Teaching Museum, Better Basics, and the Georgia Council for the Arts.

For information about products and programs for music-making professionals, visit Interactive Rhythm.

For information about programs designed for teams in the business and corporate world, visit Team Rhythm Programs.