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The Llama Who Rocks in Her Polka Dot Socks takes young readers along with Lulu as she makes great choices everyday of the week, wearing a different colored pair of polka dot socks!

On Saturday, Lulu wears a pair of multi-colored socks and hosts a drum circle in her backyard. And, on Sunday, she goes barefoot, taking time out to relax.

At the heart of this rhythm-filled book are little lessons in character education and the importance of making positive choices everyday.

It is also the first book of its kind, introducing children to the facilitated drum circle experience. During Lulu’s backyard drum circle, young readers are introduced to the word ‘facilitate,’ invited to sound out the different timbres of percussion instruments and engage in playing, dancing and singing! After encouraging young readers to take time out to “read, reflect and ponder,” Lulu poses the question: How do you rock in your polka dot socks?



  • PreK – 2nd Grade

  • 40 Minute Workshop-style Program

  • 50 Students Per Program

  • Up to 5 Programs Per Day

  • $725 (ATL Area Day Rate)

  • Pre-Ordered, Signed Book Sales


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